{ w o r k }


a card for fray
Do you remember {fray turns two}
when it was just
you, me, and that
guestbook script?

the rules of carpentry
{carpentry} The row of duplexes
stood half-built in the
cruel Colorado sun.

These women had lives {interesting}
as crazy and muddled
as mine. I was sure.

fray turns two
{fray turns two} Tonight
the fray
got real.
see also: fray day 3

e n o u g h
It didn't take long for {enough}
me to realize why the
money was so good.

behind the bar
{behind the bar} There are two kinds
of bars in Iowa City:
college bars and dives.
Memories was a dive.

becoming a walker
With a sharp excuse me {becoming}
and a businesslike shove
to the right, I was initiated
into rush hour.

a year in the fray
When I think about
the last year, it comes
back to me in moments.

escape from the machine
I am stepping off {escape}
the rubberized grip
of The Comfort Zone.

r e t i r e m e n t
It's a place I will
always love, but can
never go back to.

internship of fools
Hope, disappointment {whitehouse}
and clandestine meetings
at www.whitehouse.gov

alive in the machine
It's not my life.
It's just my job.

The short story {hotwired}
of a year as a cog
in the digital
revolution machine.

letters from the fray
I'm not sure where we went
wrong, Sameet. I just know
we did. And now I know
it's time to start again.