One night, coming home, I remember putting the key in the door, turning the lock, and opening the door to see Chris and Mikael sitting on the couch together, suddenly jump ten feet apart. Chris couldn't be comfortable with this arrangement and neither could we.

Up until this time, Chris had really opened up to us, he was honest and sharing and there were no secrets. But when Mikael started spending the night, the lies and secrets resurfaced.

About a month later, when Mikael's lease was up, Chris informed us that he was moving us out and Mikael in.

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Weeks later, as we were putting our possessions onto a truck, Mikael finally let loose. He hadn't said two words to us since their relationship began, but now, as we're moving out, he stood in the driveway yelling at us. I don't even remember what the words he used were, but I remember that they hurt me terribly.

And Chris stood in the hallway watching and did nothing to stop it.

So Anne and I went out the door parting with Chris as enemies rather than friends.

It's been three years since I've seen Chris. I hear that he and Mikael broke up a few months after we left.

Who's revealed themselves to you?