{ h o p e }


missing pieces
Holes in the skyline,
holes in our spirit.

{real} He came to town with a guitar,
lightning quick wit, and hair
down around his shoulders.

I voted 2000
14 different voices {vote}
telling 14 different
stories about politics,
elections, and America.

my stupid childhood
{childhood} After a while everything becomes
boring and you want something new.
My new thing was a pair of skates.

the year 2000
Where were you when
the clock struck midnight?

giving thanks
This thanksgiving {thanks}
I'm thankful for
love, support, and
blueberry jam.

star wars memories
{starwars} The lights go down and I'm
laughing at the pure joy of
seeing giant yellow words
scroll up the screen.

It always seemed so far away,
but here we are in 1999.

the nicest person in san francisco
I cranked the stereo up and the {thecity}
windows down. I was ready for an
adventure. And I was gonna get it.

strange beds
{strange} The daily imprint of
a body and its scent
never quite disappears.

c i r c u i t
It's not that we fight,
we just don't connect.

c r u m b l e
There was never any {crumble}
doubt about what Cali
was going to do.

{recklessness} I put my ear down
on the rail to check
for vibrations.

t a i l l i g h t s
I made small talk and {taillights}
watched as the cars
blurred by. Eventually I
worked up the courage.

the book of burning man
This year we took the
posting to the playa.

meeting peter again
{meeting peter again} Maybe it was the gentle rain
that made him so reserved.
Maybe it was the stress.
Or maybe it was me.

meeting peter
If it's just an innocent {meeting peter}
little flirtation, why
do I feel so guilty
when he catches me?

celebrating mom
{mom} That day, torn from
my history, has never
made me stop and
think. Until now.

g h o s t s
They were subtle, {ghosts}
mental, hidden.
It was their house.

t o u c h e d
{touched} The fact that
I don't remember
the first time
still unnerves me.

i n   l a n e s
I wonder why {in lanes}
he decided
to jump
when he did.

passages of the rock river
An ancient black and
white photo preserves
my oldest memory
of Grandpa Rohde.

disposable lives
How many names {alexis}
do you have?
Most people have two,
maybe three.
Not so for me.

burning the man
At Burning Man
there are no
observers ...
only participants.