T h e   P e r f e c t   C u p   o f   C o f f e e   b y   a l e x i s   m a s s i e

My sister and I were sitting in the car.

"Lex?" she asked. "What do you think I'll be like when we grow up?"

I thought about it in that stuffy back seat. I was seventeen.

"Sam, you'll be married and have babies. You'll stay at home and live in domestic bliss. And you'll always wonder what would have happened if only..."

There was silence. Sam never could deal with my inability to lie. She blushed in anger. "Really?" she said in a tone of voice I recognized as dangerous. "When you're grown up, you'll be divorced and successful and fashionable. You'll live alone in a city flat in the best part of town and, Lex, you'll be so lonely..."

She meant it as an insult, but I took it seriously, even then. I remember thinking, "Well, you know, maybe." I don't exactly have the best track record with long term relationships.

Which brings me back to Janice....

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