T h e   P e r f e c t   C u p   o f   C o f f e e   b y   a l e x i s   m a s s i e

Janice is divorced, wealthy and living alone in a very fashionable flat in the very best part of town. And it hit me in that moment with clarity, that Janice is, in fact, my future.

Which was actually okay, because I rather like Janice. But it was a most peculiar sensation, to look at your future. To have a conversation with a ten year older version of yourself about friends and the values you hold. To see how you've changed and, more importantly, how you haven't.

I discovered a lot of things about Janice in that conversation. I discovered even more about myself.

Janice said she had to go to work in the morning and ought to go to bed. As she tidied up the living room, I wished her good night and brought our glasses into the kitchen.

Which brings me to the end....

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