{ d r u g s }


letterman on acid
{letterman} My mind and body were
beginning to separate.
In fact, my mind seemed
to have a mind of its own.

high maintenance
I can still hear the {maintenance}
sound of her idle –
a sexy rumble like
a mischievous cat.

toothbrush envy
{toothbrush} Late one night I went home,
crept into the bathroom,
and did something violent.

e x p o s e d
Everyone came to get naked,
immortalized with our clothes off.

abridged virgin
By the time I hadn't {virgin}
slept with Judas,
I knew it was time to
do something drastic.

 t e s t e d
{tested} Two friends became infected.
One was an ex-lover.
I started getting nervous.

t h e   t r e e
I couldn't wait to see them {the tree}
brown and dry on the sidewalks.
I was that way about Christmas.

 l o s t
{lost} When you're a
fiend, time is only a
collection of numbers.
That time is lost.

our lady of sorrows
Sometimes it's not {sorrow}
the quality of the
disasters that counts,
it's the quantity.

fair-weather friends
{fair} The people here are
as hidden as snow-
obstructed houses.

s m o k i n g
How I started. {smoking}
What it was like.
How I quit.

home for the holidays
{home} In one week,
I'll be back in the
room I grew up in.
I hate that room.

vinyl fetish
In memory of {vinyl}
the long-playing,
black vinyl,
record album.

the perfect cup of coffee
{perfect} Coffee is a lifestyle
so omnipresent that
we don't even notice
that people who drink
the stuff are weird.

How will {death}
it come
to you?

the big three-oh
Never trust any-
one over thirty.
Even if that
includes yourself.