{ c r i m i n a l }


big brother
My happy memories {bigbro}
of my brother are,
I suspect, not really
my memories at all.

32,000 feet
{ 32000 feet }
There's no off-ramp in sight
and clouds obscure the view.

beyond broken bay
{beyond broken bay} It's a hell of a trip
for six in a car, and
Danielle hadn't been
making things easy.

pulling a geographic
Sometimes nothing cures me {geographic}
better than to watch the world
rush past from a train window.

the drive-by
{ drive-by }
I'm floating above myself
as I open the door and
step out of the car.

I left
{left} All my friends did the
traditional sobbing
and email promising.
All except one.

burnt popcorn
Amanda keeps talking, {burnt}
but I'm stuck thinking about
books and the evil curse
of wonderful memories.

reality check
{check} The 24 line mixes the
best and worst of San
Francisco. I'd forgotten
how unsettling it can be.

b o o z e
I fell in love {booze}
with that sweet
taste with the
bite at the end.

        l o o k i n g
{looking} At 14, I had a
vague notion that
I should be ashamed
of being a virgin.

valentine's day
How can I be both {vday}
bitter and romantic
at the same time?

good intentions
{intentions} It was the kind of thing
that keeps people home
on election day.
But not me.

m u g g e d .
Wow. This has {mugged}
never happened
to me before.
It kinda sucks.

I voted
I did my civic duty.
So why do I feel so dirty?

remembering sean
{sean} Eight years
in the life
of a pair of
best friends.

B i t t e r
Yes, I am bitter.
But it's not my fault.

my new neighborhood
Where I live
the streets
and the people
are divided.