Have you ever seen a century plant? They're giant, evil things, with leaves that come reaching out from the center, lined with threatening spikes like saw blades. Spikes that could poke an eye out on a good day. I swear the thing growled at me.

This was demonic vegetation. Pure evil. It had to be stopped. And it was up to me to kill it.

Standing there in the heat, I became convinced that it was either it or me. That's when I went at it with the shovel.

It was a grueling few hours, but I conquered the beast. It took several jabs at me with its bloodthirsty spikes, but I was too quick. In the end, it had been reduced to a stump, and I was bleeding in several places.

I was victorious. I'd vanquished the beast. I stood over it, proud and tall in the summer heat.

And that's when I heard The Voice.

{ facing the beast }