19. Attention Citizens

In spite of the fact that I was sleeping at the time, I was overjoyed when the postal worker rang my doorbell, ending a long string of never-attempting-delivery and just-leaving-the-claim-form. These non-deliveries meant that I had to go to the post office and wait in line for every package I received. I'd made two complaints to Canada Post about this – apparently they subcontract some of their delivery services and whichever subcontractor was responsible for my building wasn't doing his or her job.

I was so happy to get my delivery that I woke my husband to celebrate. "Why, if you were a Superhero, your Superpower would be Complaint!" he exclaimed, and immediately exercised his Superpower of Always Being Able to Fall Back Asleep.

Complaint? Me? With the insinuation of that I was a nag? I prefer to think of it as the Superpower of Drawing Things To People's Attention.