...a pair of skates.

It was summer.

And, in the summer, one of the fun things we kids did was challenge each other to stand as long as possible in bare feet on the asphalt.

...a pair of skates.

Any asphalt would do. The street in front of your house, a parking lot, the school blacktops.

Because in summer, the sun would rise to its zenith and rain fire down upon us, heating any bare surfaces to the boiling and/or blistering point, depending on what you set down to test it.

And those were long summers. Long summers we struggled to fill with something fun because there was nothing to do. There were no video arcades - the only video games were in bars. There was one mall, but no one hung out in malls. There were swimming pools, and those were great. There were bikes, and those were fine. But after a while everything becomes boring and you want something new.

My brother's new thing was a skateboard. My new thing was a pair of skates.

Strongbow Stadium, Bakersfield, California.
...a pair of skates. ...a pair of skates.