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{ what did you do at burning man? }

covered myself in cyalume sticks.

drank more water than i had all month.

ate yummy organic peaches with ben.

praised the shower goddess.

fell down and skinned my knee.

had a lot of happy reunions with old friends.

rode many giddy, freeing miles on my shiny purple bike.

saw the milky way.

rolled a giant sphere with a person strapped inside.

petted 'Pork Chop', our neighbor's pig.

talked to random strangers without fear.

had sweaty tent sex (mmmm!).

laughed endlessly with my dear friends.

shrieked and cheered and made a lot of noise.

and got the requisite sunburn on my nipples. (ouch.)

like a six year old, only much bigger {drue@drue.com}

Put more energy into it than ever before (x 10). Got more out of it (x 50). Vowed to repeat.


I went and did something ridiculous (required by Burning Man law, I think): I built a Beacon.

17 feet tall and made of PVC pipe and imagination, I thought the damn thing would never stand. But I put it together with the help of (who else?) random strangers.

I still feel warm remembering how the Beacon glowed in the skyline of Black Rock City, marking where our home was.

And I also played drums until my hands hurt.

Adam {rak@openwindow.org}

Remembered that to be alive, we must embrace life.

How deep had I daily dug my grave before Burning Man came along? I dunno exactly, but it makes a great mudpit now!

Phillip {elwing@slip.net}

To everyone I met and hung out with, conversed with, experienced bliss with--THANK YOU for reminding what's important in life. I've been reawakened.

And to the fabulous creators of Bianca's Smut Shack, I loved the vibe of your camp, as well as the great hors d'oeuvres, orange nail polish (which I can't find anywhere in SF!), and all the comfy love furniture you brought to the playa.

FYI BM is in the red 150K--to ensure Burning Man '98, try and support the fundraising events that are going on. And put some on yourselves!...

Erin {erin_lehman@mail.gmosf.com}

Plyed music and danced with many circles of people

saw the sunrise on the Playa

soaked at the hot springs

painted and was painted by a group of new friends

lost ten pounds

became a naked fire dancer

reached a state of euphoria unseen for many years

Robert B {brownstein@stellarsoft.com}

i was a peacock.

Michael {mod4371@is4.nyu.edu}

i was also a peacock...and am no longer a burning man virgin.

rani {rk212@is5.nyu.edu}

just looked around...

euny {asum@intimall.co.kr}

I renamed myself Lillith for the duration of the Festival.

michelle {bandosf@compuserve.com}

i didn't see it although it sounds like i did it, uh, 25 years ago remember Woodstock kiddies. well burning man is a shaman what a shame.

elise {krentze@ibm.net}

I came close to death when I almost drown and was very sick for the rest of the night and threw up and slept in the coffee shot.

The next day, I found Steph (my good friend) and farmed out with her, playing in the camps and painting and talking and things and such.

At the burn I screwed up an apparently unanimous counter-clockwise circulation around the man by simply deciding to go the other way.


dave {dme5@axe.humboldt.edu}

I was just another freak in the dirt, trippin my brains out without any drugs, chasen the water truck naked for a free shower. yeah that was me.

the JET {JETperu@aol}

I covered myself with a large jar of SKIPPY tm peanut butter and a can of creamad corn, hung around the porta-potties and spread the love of fecal man.

Fecal Man {vectorre@earthlink.net}

{9.1.98} Posting to this story has been discontinued because it's been 1 year since Burning Man '97 and now we have the '98 event to talk about.

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