Geeks aren't nerds.
Nerd Crest by Clark Wimberly

Nerd Crest by Clark Wimberly

We are everywhere: superfans, wonks, philes, heads, enthusiasts of the sublimely obscure. We are people who care too much about something others do not really understand. We make the world go 'round. If you've ever been into something so much your friends wondered about your sanity, you're a geek, too. And you're invited to join us.
Fray, the quarterly of true stories, is open for submissions. There are 3 ways to contribute:
Artists! We're looking for any visual art (drawing, painting, photography) on the theme. What does geek look like? Submit and vote at Pixish! Writers! We want true personal stories, interviews with notable geeks, and articles on the theme. About 600 words. To submit, email geek at fray dot com. Everyone! We're doing a storytelling survey, asking for true stories from real people. Spare a minute to share yours? Take the Geek survey!

THE FINE PRINT: Submissions close in April. All submissions remain the property of their creators. If your work is chosen for the book, you still own it, we just ask for the right to publish it in the book and online. We cannot pay you, but we will send you a bunch of copies of the book.

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Fray. Tell your stories.