Fray Day 5 SF: Selected Performances

Help support the {fray} by picking up a copy of the Fray Day 5 San Francisco CD! It includes an hour of live performances from Fray Day 5 San Francisco on 8 September 2001. Six great stories, a couple slam poems, and a song from The Walkingbirds.

The CD was produced by Scott Andrew LePera, who also inserted a few electronica bits in between the performances. This is a very limited edition, so get one while you can! It's only $15, shipping included, and all proceeds go to support the Fray Organization.

We're sold out! And so is CD Baby. But you can still buy a digital copy from the iTunes Music Store.


Includes perfomances by Derek Powazek, Brad Graham, Shauna Wright, Lance Arthur, Tarin Towers, Mena Trott, Kevin Smokler, and a live song by The Walkingbirds!

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