The award-winning storytelling magazine/movement called {fray} is coming to Sedona for the first time! Fray Cafe Sedona will be a night of true, personal stories told live and on stage. In conjuction with The Digital Storytelling Festival in Sedona, Arizona, Fray Cafe will spotlight both established storytellers and newcomers, with featured storytelling performances and an open mic. The event is free with a festival badge, $10 otherwise.

"Our goal with events like Fray Cafe is to celebrate the art of the personal story," said organizer and Fray founder Derek Powazek. "We want to get people to come out and tell a true, personal story. It doesn't have to be happy or sad - it just has to be true and personal. And under five minutes."

About Fray Cafe Sedona

Fray Cafe Sedona is the latest in a series of live events organized by The Fray Organization. The last Fray Day drew over a thousand people to 11 simultaneous events all over the world, including in San Francisco, California; Melbourne, Australia; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fray Cafe is open to the public and participation by the audience is greatly encouraged, but not required. Stories should be short - under five minutes - and they must be true. The event will begin at 8pm on Friday, June 13, at The Canyon Moon Theatre in the Old Marketplace on Highway 89A.

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About The Digital Storytelling Festival

The Digital Storytelling Festival, now in its 6th year is recognized as the premier event where compelling projects created using Digital Storytelling are demonstrated and discussed. Digital Storytelling is best described as a creative movement that uses digital technology to create media rich stories to impart meaning. It is successfully being used in areas of education and training, entertainment and creative design, personal and legacy storytelling, community building and corporate identity through branding and marketing.

The Digital Storytelling Festival, along with its hands on Digital Storytelling Bootcamp workshop, will take place at The Yavapai College, Sedona Center for Arts & Technology, June 9-14, 2003.

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