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spacer.gif spacer.gif Event Fray Day 7 Bennington
Saturday 4 October 2003, 8pm to midnight
South Street Cafe: 105 South Street
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Fray Day 8: Oct. - Dec.
Los Angeles, CA: Oct. 23
Grand Rapids, MI: Nov. 13

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Event News

South Street Stadium!
Posted by Stef on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 8:05PM

Fray Day Bennington has come to an end and it was a success! Small, sweet, and cozy, with stories about sailing, uncles, cockfights, underwear, goosing the wrong people, and even Derek Powazek himself! A good time was had by all on a brisk, rainy night! Media and more to follow...

Posted by Stef on Saturday 4 October 03 @ 9:10AM

"Gee, I'm near Bennington, VT this evening and I'm really hankering for some storytelling, tunes, and general fun."

Well then there is simply no excuse to not drop by the South Street Cafe at 8pm. Fray Day Bennington is all about YOU, the guest and open mic performer. Bring your stories, your anecdotes... I don't care how lame you think it is! We just want to hear it!

One lucky person will get a nice, shiny copy of the Fray Day 3 cd and every lucky person will get a chance to tell their story, which will be captured in FULL-MOTION VIDEO. High-techery abounds in the wee towns of Vermont.

See you tonight!

Interaction Beyond the Event
Posted by Stef on Friday 3 October 03 @ 11:28AM

Taking a cue from projects like 1000 Journals, Fray Day Bennington is going to start a Story Journal tomorrow night. Maybe you're a little shy about the open mic? No problem! Contribute your story to the Story Journal! It will be passed around all night and a mailing sign-up sheet will also be available if you'd rather write your story at home. We'll pass the journal around and then, someday when it comes back to me, I'll scan it all in for the world to see. So even if you aren't ready to face the stage, bring your stories along!

Last minute call!
Posted by Stef on Sunday 28 September 03 @ 9:34PM

Coming to Fray Day Bennington? About ready to burst with the story you're going to tell?

Drop me a line! (

We JUST MIGHT have a featured performer slot open for those who would be interested in paving the way for all the nervous nelly open mic-ers.

And for all of you who are just coming to watch, have I mentioned that the event is totally free? Except of course if you want any of the fine nibblys that the South Street Cafe has to offer.

Where the heck is Bennington?
Posted by Stef on Wednesday 24 September 03 @ 11:59AM

Thinking about coming to Fray Day Bennington but have no idea how to get there? Being but a wee Vermont town on a list of big cities, I thought a set of directions might be helpful. Once you reach downtown Bennington, well... you're done! The South Street Cafe is just steps from the main intersection of US Route 7 (aka South Street) and VT Route 9.

Featured Performer: Joseph Plessas
Posted by Stef on Monday 15 September 03 @ 9:44PM

Joseph PlessasJoseph Plessas is an acclaimed musician and songwriter from Upstate NY. Formerly of The Bedouins, Joe has released 3 independent albums. His most recent, "1/2", has been called "original, irreverent and intriguing" and "a triumph... over eclectic styles, over normal boundaries, over restrictive thinking." He refuses to comment on the fact that he and the organizer of Fray Day Bennington are all married and stuff. The organizer asks for forgiveness for playing favorites for tunes, but she just moved here and doesn't know anyone yet. Regardless, Syracuse's favorite son will be a treat and we're thrilled to have him as our musical guest.

Venue Chosen!
Posted by Stef on Monday 28 July 03 @ 7:07PM

Fray Day is coming back to Vermont this year! We'll be gathering at the South Street Cafe in downtown Bennington for stories and hopefully a few songs and other stuff. More info on performers and tunes coming soon. If you're in the area, drop a line!

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