We arrived at the designated meeting spot with dilated pupils, sunglasses on, as was always the case. We were veterans at showing up at 6am, forcing ourselves to stay awake each night before with the help of various illicit substances, priming ourselves for exposure.

There were a lot of reporters that last time – almost three hundred people showed up, although it was early (6am), and cold (40 degrees fahrenheit). Lots of video cameras.

In typical New York fashion, stereotypes abounded, from models and dancers to tattooed and pierced young things, nightclub leftovers, and old men. When it came right down to it though, everyone came to get naked – immortalized with our clothes off.

So there we were, on our backs, looking up at the airbrushed and miraculous face of Nikki Taylor clothed in Liz Claiborne. Jokes flew, as always.