Andrew called the next day. He asked me if I could go with him to the Medical Dental Building where he had an appointment, since he needed someone to help him downtown. He said it was dangerous for him to go around in his wheelchair, since there were so many cars and people. I didn't quite understand the logic, but I knew a decent person would say yes. Suspecting I wasn't a decent person, I too said yes, and agreed to meet him near his home the next day after class.

We took the bus downtown, and I wheeled him into the Medical Dental Building. I took him to the 10th floor, and sat in the waiting room while he had his checkup. It was late by the time Andrew came out, but he wanted to take a look at the city from the balcony. After standing out there for maybe half an hour, pointing out buildings we both knew, I discovered that the door was locked behind us. The room we had come through was dark, and the building was closing down for the day.

I saw a window that I might be able to open, but it was about three feet over the edge of the balcony. I couldn't reach it. A light came on in the room. I yelled for help, and ran back to the door we had come out of and started knocking. Luckily the worker, who had left her purse in her office and had come back for it, heard us and let us back into the building, and then out onto the street. Andrew was calm throughout the whole thing, rendering me as the panicking friend. I was glad to take the bus back to his house and bid him farewell.