Janine was a gossip who'd two-time her own mother if it meant she got to deliver a scoop. She often scooped both about or to the owner, Larry. Larry drank Old Style in a can, played a mean game of darts, and installed videocameras behind the bar. My first day of work, Larry told me that I'd have to learn how to cut people off. No matter how strange it seems, it's illegal to serve liquor to a person who's drunk. Bartenders do it all the time, but they need to learn when a customer really is too drunk to drink. They need to serve a glass of water or coke and call a cab or secure a ride with a non-drinking patron (there were several regulars who only drank Coke). Larry also told me that when he and his girlfriend, Roxie, were too drunk, I would need to cut them off, too.

Right, Larry.

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