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October 2003

Friday 31 October 03

Traumatic Halloween Stories
Posted by Derek at 11:13AM

For anyone who's ever experienced that last minute, what do I wear, childhood frenzy of Halloween stress, here's a story that'll touch your heart: Traumatic Halloweens, an illustrated story by scribbler Matt Hinrichs. For anyone dressing up and going out tonight, here's hoping it involves as little trauma as possible. Happy Halloween!

Thursday 30 October 03

Halloween Ghost Stories
Posted by Derek at 6:46PM

Tomorrow night is Halloween, and it's time to brush up on those spooky stories, so drop by Halloween Ghost Stories, which presents, as you might imagine, the kind of stories best told late at night, sitting in a circle, with a flashlight pointed at your face from below. Boo!

Tuesday 28 October 03

AKA Kurdistan
Posted by Derek at 8:31AM

"The Kurds are the largest ethnic group without a country of their own. They live across the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and parts of the former Soviet Union." AKA Kurdistan is a site devoted to telling the stories of the Kurdish people. There you can read the stories of others and, if you're a Kurd, you can add your own story.

Saturday 25 October 03

Cheshire Dave's Story
Posted by Derek at 11:09AM

Cheshire Dave has posted the story he told at Fray Day 7 San Francisco, as well as a little pre-story about his adventure just making it to the stage. For the record, I am really glad he came back - I just can't resist a punchline.

Wednesday 22 October 03

Real Redux
Posted by Derek at 6:07PM

With the news of Elliot Smith's death rattling around today, I can't help but remember what Mary T. Helmes wrote in Real a couple years ago: "It's strange when you hear about someone who was here, but is no longer here. Whom you knew, but didn't really know. Who has long since been reduced to a character in one of your stories." It's still strange.

NYC StoryBooth opening tomorrow
Posted by Derek at 8:14AM

We mentioned StoryCorps a while back: It's a daring plan to put recording booths in public places to record people's stories. Well, their first StoryBooth opens in New York City's Grand Central Terminal tomorrow, and their website now features some audio samples. Sound like fun? They need your participation and support.

Friday 17 October 03

Picture within a picture...
Posted by Heather at 12:51PM

If every photograph tells a story, then Mark-Steffen G÷wecke's "Pola pola pola", photographs within photographs, begun in 1996, is a neverending story. After viewing the 139 photographs available, you'll itch for the 140th.

Thursday 16 October 03

Hows about a hug?
Posted by Derek at 1:14AM

Speaking of regrets, Group Hug is a simple web confessional where you can anonymously cop to your deep dark secrets. What have you got to confess?

Wednesday 15 October 03

Mistakes were made
Posted by Derek at 8:26AM

I found this UK Independent story fascinating. They asked about two dozen famous Brits what they regretted most in life. Their answers run everywhere from not snogging that girl at 16 to almost starting World War Three. Fantastic stuff.

Tuesday 14 October 03

Frayers in the morning
Posted by Derek at 8:25AM

The Morning News is a fine web publication we've mentioned here previously. But we're mentioning it again because two of Fray's finest have lovely visual work up there today. Sam Brown, who illustrated Big Brother, has a beautiful piece up called Stupid Dreams. And Heather Champ, who's done much for Fray including Stage Managing the recent San Francisco Fray Day, has a series of photos of enigmatic urban detritus. Great stuff, all!

Sunday 12 October 03

Stories from a Texan in exile
Posted by Derek at 8:13PM

Joe Lambert is the Founding Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling and an occasional Fray performer. He's also a "wine-sipping, feminist-friendly, god-forsaken neo-buddhist marxist art dude living outside of reality as a hopelessly heathen high tech hippy." Or, at least, that's what a Texan would say. You can read Joe's response to that and other stories from his trip to Italy at his new site, Texan In Exile.

Thursday 9 October 03

Tick tock
Posted by Derek at 6:42PM

They call it The Four Hour Question: If you only had four hours left in your life, what would you do? See what others would do and answer the question yourself.

Wednesday 8 October 03

Posted by Edward at 10:06PM

October is the time to tell scary tales. When was the last time you told one? Get in a macabre mood by checking out some of America's most haunted places and strangest tales. Then brush up on these tips and tell your own spooky story, if you dare.

Three Summers
Posted by Derek at 8:37AM

If you missed Lance Arthur's fantastic story at Fray Day 7 San Francisco, you're in luck! He's posted it to his site. Read Three Summers, a tale of reckless summer fun, good friends, and bad accents.

Speaking of Fray Day, there are lots of great recaps being posted in the Event News section right now. Check 'em out!

Sunday 5 October 03

Fray Day ends
Posted by Derek at 10:46AM

Fray Day 7 has come and gone, from LA to DC, San Francisco to Copenhagen. We're all working hard behind the scenes to get photos, remembrances, and other story stuff online, so keep your eyes peeled on the Event News pages for the latest. Thanks for fraying with us.

Thursday 2 October 03

Fray Day begins!
Posted by Derek at 8:43AM

Fray Day 7 officially begins tonight in Central Florida. Good luck to Andy and his crew! If you're in the Sunshine State, I hope you'll come check it out! Also, tonight is day two of Storyfest in Los Angeles, with Fray Day LA kicking off tomorrow, along with Fray Days in New Haven and DC!

Wednesday 1 October 03

Last month in City Stories
Posted by Derek at 8:28AM

Our sister site, City Stories, had a great month of city-based storytelling in September. If you missed it, here's a recap: Tom in Dublin met The Ignoramus, Chris in Denver had growing pains and East Coast clout in Still Charmed, I'm Sure, Salvatore in San Diego remembered Flight 182, and Rachel in Edmonton reflected on The Chain of Friendship. Great stories, all!

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