The next few moments all happened in a flash. He grabbed me and suddenly we were in a store. I looked up and saw flesh – rows of tits and dicks. I scanned back and saw video boxes. A porn store. Great.

He pulled me over into a corner and started pushing a little baggie at me. "Ten dollars," he said, over and over. "Ten dollars."

My head was spinning and my eyes were bugging out of my head. I looked over and saw the Asian shopkeeper behind a counter, looking at us. Behind him were black-and-white monitors with security camera feeds on them. All around me was hardcore nudity.

I handed him the ten bucks and turned to escape. He grabbed me hard and started to shove another baggie into my hand. "Five bucks," he said. "Come on. One more. Five bucks."

I glanced past him to a staircase, leading down from the second level of the store. I saw a foot. Black shoe. It took a step down. Blue slacks. Another step. "Take the baggie." Another step. "Five bucks." Another step. Black shoes. Security cameras. Blue slacks. And suddenly one excruciating thought hit me in the face:


My God ... the guy walking down the stairs ... is a cop.