Now I am Alexis.

That's who I am.

And Alexis has seen more injustice and pettiness than she cares to admit. And Alexis has been hardened by struggle. And Alexis is always told she is an enigma. But she is what she is and she can't attempt to be anything else. Which is probably why she's an enigma.

And I have learned that I don't have to adopt the names that people give me.

I think I'll move. I think I'll take up my stick and go to a new town, a new place. I don't have much furniture. I was trained by a yuppie hobo. And there I will make a new name for myself, one I will keep close to my heart and not tell anyone.

Let them call me what they will, because they will anyway.

Because the one thing I've learned in my life with a traveling salesman, hanging off the stick of a yuppie hobo, is that everything is disposable. Even identities, even lives.

Especially lives.

{ b a c k }

How many names
do you have?

{ h o p e }