Do you really know who you are?

Can you explain it in 25 words or less?

And is that really you?


I've only met one person

who could honestly tell me

they knew who they were.

And I wanted,

very much,

to fall in love with him.


But people like that don't change,

don't adapt,

don't concede,

and I found

after many months of trying

that all I could do

was respect him with every

melancholy beat of my blood.


That was in 1992.


All I know now

is that I am Alexis.

I used to be Lex

and then I was Alex

and then I was Lexi.

And they aren't distinct personalities,

and my mind is perfectly sound.

But all they are is in me.

I outgrew each of them,

but harbored them secretly,


in my memories.


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