Then, one day, I had this song in my head I couldn't get rid of.

It started as this little snatch of notes ricocheting off the windmills of my mind before it fell into a puddle and the expanding rings went looking for a lyric.

It went like this:

Lawnchairs are everywhere
They're everywhere
My mind describes them to me
Only to me

I could hear the affected, faux-Brit voice singing above the electronic drumbeat rhythm.

My head would doddle and it swam around and around. I knew that I could not remove it until I exorcised the musical demon.

So I opened the boxes and went digging through the albums until I found it.

{Tainted Love}

A black cover with a bucking bronco built from the green stick-figure digit parts from every 80's clock radio.

The EP title, Digital Cowboy, angling away from the center.

And the O.M.D. knock-off band: Our Daughter's Wedding.

Not even one-hit wonders.

No-hit Wonders.

But I bought the album and I had to hook up the Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX2 into the decidedly 90's surround-sound capable Sony and pump the circa 1981 slice of pre-techno New Wave out my speakers into my head to join the lingering memory echo. Suddenly, I was on the floor digging them all out.

All my old friends in their cardboard sleeves.

Genuine VH1 Flashback time.

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