Like an idiot, I did it again.

I sat in the same goddamn car, drove down the same goddamn freeway with the same freaks I did it with last night and the night before and a million nights more. It had to be around four or five in the morning, still dark enough to make us feel like it was just one long night – but we all knew that the Grey would come soon.

"I gotta go by an ATM," I said.

"You fucking kidding?"

"I don't have any cash! I gotta go ... unless you want to spot me."

Ted leaned over from the passenger seat and smiled at me. I could hear Sully whispering "fuck" as he guided the jeep towards the next offramp.

I'd known Sully since we were sophomores in high school. I introduced him to coke – gave him his first line. We hooked up for an amateur's attempt at drug-dealing, but it went sour – especially for Sully who fronted the cash. He didn't lose much money, but he gained a healthy little habit that now, six years later, was going stronger than ever.

Now that I think about it, there were more than a few of my friends in the same fucked up boat.