"Let's just let it dry out?" Ted offered.

"It won't dry out, the shit isn't a paper towel," Sully said, "Guess we could eat it though."

I laughed. "Are you fucking kidding me? It's been swimming in his foot sweat, man. No way!"

"Well, what the fuck do we do then?" Sully asked nervously.

I shrugged and went in the adjoining bathroom to piss and wipe some cold water inside my nostrils, hoping to launch a lost granule or two of residual blow down my nasal passages. There were some porno magazines on top of the microwave on the bathroom counter, I flipped though without any real intent or interest. "Wait a minute," I shouted through the bathroom, "Can we nuke the shit?"

Ted and Sully came in the bathroom. "Yeah, man," Ted said, excited now, "That'll work, let's nuke it!" Sully looked at the blow and then at the microwave.

"Why, not," he said half-heartedly, "No other choice, really."

He placed it in the microwave and, after some more frantic debate, we agreed that two minutes and fifteen seconds was the proper time to microwave wet cocaine.