Sully, Ted and I returned to the room as the Grey was upon us and it had been about three and a half hours since our last so we were on the road to misery. The three of us sat down quickly and Sully said, "Break it out Ted-dy bear."

Ted reached in his right pocket and then his left. He looked up at us momentarily and then started digging through his back pockets and his wallet.

"Don't fuck around, Ted," I said, "Come on."

"I don't know where ... did you give it to me Sully?"

Sully gave him a wicked cold stare, with the Grey coming in through a crack in the thick curtains I could see just how gaunt he looked. "Yes, I fucking gave it to you ... look in your pockets again."

Now, it had taken the last few hours to get this show on the road – getting the cash, driving all the way down there and back – so we were all pretty strung-out from the long night before.

"Man, I don't know where it is, you guys check your pockets and shit."

"Ted, you fuck, I gave it to you!" Sully screamed, "Now give it up, asshole!"

This was, of course, the fiend reaction: he's hiding it all for himself. But from the surprised stupor on Ted's face, I could tell he really didn't know where it was.

Ted just looked at me expressionless, the Grey was revealing the oily sheen on his face, his bloodshot eyes, and tremoring fingers. This search went on for another hour, until we almost gave up entirely.

Sully got so pissed that he kicked Ted out of the house, threatening to kick his ass if he didn't come back with some blow – which was definitely not going to happen. Ted left the room and we heard him yell from the living room on his way out.

"Fucking yes!"