Ruth took me downstairs. More symbols. Someone had hung a blood red shirt in front of the fireplace.

"You see, you see? I am the devil!" I raved.

Then I blacked out.

Hours passed before I started to come back to reality. My savior, the tool that brought me back, was a can of Pepsi. I held the can of Pepsi in my hand and I knew what it was. Pepsi, thank God for Pepsi.

Ruth took me back up to the bedroom.

"But what about the TV and the Laughing Pooh Bears?" I drooled.

I followed her, clutching my Pepsi. I was still scared of the TV, but Ruth turned it on anyway and found Johnny Carson. Good, I thought. The Tonight Show is a lot like Pepsi, you can always count on it to remain the same.

Johnny, the Tonight Show, and Pepsi. I was on my way back.