the big three-oh


      know, it shouldn't be a big deal. It's only a number. It's really no different than 29. I'm still younger than all those 40-year-olds out there driving around in mid-life crisis cars.

      But 30 is different. It's a dividing line between youth and adulthood. I've lost my GenX status. I'm out of the demo. On surveys I have to check off the next box under "Age" ­ the one marked "30 - 45." Forty-five? Jesus, that's ... that's positively middle aged.

      That's not me. Yet.

      But it's not all that far away, either. I'm turning into an older young adult. I rotate my tires regularly. I do my taxes without being reminded. Sometimes I find my eyes drifting to the "Homes For Sale" section of the classifieds. And ­ this is a big fucking deal ­ I can actually imagine having children.

      I sorta like those thoughts, too.