valentine's day sweetness

What makes you feel sweet about Valentine's Day?

I don't feel particularly sweet about Valentine's Day.

But I don't feel bitter either.

I'm only bitter when something is very, very wrong, and it's not.

This one goes out to the one who got away.


-patrick {}

What makes me feel sweet?

Hope Hope raised from the burnt ashes of my heart.

It's been years. And it's a test,

a true test. Have I learned from what went before?


I swore patience, now I await the chance to prove it.

Life is good when someone cares about you.

When you're accepted for who you are, and you trust...

Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

And I've got the time

Bob {}

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Simon {}

what makes me feel sweet about valentine's day is mostly memories. memories of more successful, in the traditional sense, valentine's days. going to sappy movies with my girlfriend, giving her sentimentally relevant jewelry, romantic dinners in or out, you know.

what pisses me off about valentine's day is being constantly reminded of how the "most romantic day of the year" is coming up, and here i just don't have anybody special to spend it with this time around. i get tired of feeling like there must be something wrong with me if i don't have a ready-made romantic interlude all scheduled for two days from now. i get tired of feeling like i'm on the "outside" again, how i'm not one of the beautiful people if i don't have a date. it's just like it was in high school, except back then it was just my peers making me feel that way and not the whole commerce sector.

i guess i just find it somewhat ironically depressing. see, i know what i want from my life. i've known for a few years now, although i was certainly pretty confused for a while. i want to get married, settle down, do the whole suburbia thing and be happy with a perfectly nice, normal, existance. and now that i know it, my love life has completely evaporated and shows no signs of re-hydrating any time soon.

i feel like i've been sold this phony bill of goods. like while i was growing up all i ever heard was "men can't commit," "men never want to settle down," etc. well, dammit, i do. and now i find valentine's day approaching yet again and here i sit, the survivor of two (not one, but two) women who dated me for more than a year, and even agreed that they wanted that too, but then dumped me after deciding that they didn't really want that after all. fuck. i try not to be bitter. i really do. it's just kind of hard this time of year, you know?

anyway, enough of my personal angst. i wish all of you with sweethearts the very best of v-day's. thanks for listening. at least the web is cheaper than therapy, right?

cloister bell {}

Valentine's day is just another holiday that those wacky Christians came up with which I tend to ignore. Personally, if I were a Christian, I'd be so utterly disgusted with the crass commercialization of these holy and sacred days (Christmas, Easter, V-Day, et al.) that I'd be on the street ranting about the loss of respect & sanctity that plagues that religion. I'm not a Christian, however, so I really couldn't care less about it.

I tend to ignore V-Day. Have for years. Same goes for the other religious holidays mentioned above -- sometimes I'll get caught up in it (I give presents at Christmas time, sometimes I'll indulge in a chocolate egg, if I have a Significant Other (tm) I'll give a nod to V-Day (usually involves ordering Chinese & watching crummy movies). For the most part, however, it's all just irrelevant.

I don't really have anything to be particularly bitter about (I've made my peace & come to terms with the lousy relationships I've had in the past), so V-Day usually wanders by more or less unnoticed.

Love is an every-day-of-the-year sort of thing (if it's real, at least.)

I'd throw in a salient saying from some Eastern philosopher here, but that'd just be hokey.

Deb {}

"Give him a bunch of dead roses and a copy of Sartre to express the futility of love"...

That one sentence has made my morning.

More as we get it.

Remi {}

The high-school flower fiasco is but a fleeting memory. I had forgotten about it until just now. I guess I've been pretty fortunate because usually somebody remembered me on v-day, if it was only my grandmother sending me a 'To a sweet granddaughter' card in college. And being married 8 years (don't think THAT makes for a bitter-free holiday) has guaranteed some sort of recognition of the day.

But, I think my most fun v-day was last year when I was working at a coffee shop. Most of my coworkers were younger, high school kids wracked with the usual teen angst. A lot of our customers were openly dreading the upcoming day. SO or not, I am the eternal optimist. I WILL make it better. So, for v-day in the cafe, we focused on appreciation. I got a box of kiddie valentines (those gargoyles - it seemed appropriate) for my coworkers and everyone got one. We put out complimentary candy for the customers and offered really liberal drink specials. And tried not to focus so much on the romance of the day, but love and appreciation. Hugs all around. And I got a handmade valentine at the end of the shift from one of the young cynics that read something like 'you kick ass, Deb'. I still have it.

So, challenge to all you misty romatics: do NOT push your old hearts and flowers expectations on those around you. Save your gushing for your SO. Be sensitive and try to make the day fun for everyone. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. Hug someone. Be sincere.

Another Deb

Wouldn't it be great to get a Valentine from someone who loves you? *sigh* I'd love that. I want to buy presents for someone, to make a candlelight dinner for someone, to make love in front of a fire with someone.

Maybe next year I can have the kind of Valentine's Day I've always dreamed of, but this year I'll celebrate the only way I can.

Jenna {}

The sweetness I feel about V-day comes from my participation. Flowers die, chocolate gets eaten, rings can be cut apart and made into necklaces, but if I made something for someone, I remember that feeling with sweetness. I remember the way old boyfriends ooo'ed and ahhh'ed over poems I wrote, or silly valentines I made. To know they truly appreciated my outpouring of love (or lust, or whatever the heck it was i had for them). That was sweet.

Susan Paulsen {}

Valentine's day... where you celebrate love by giving something to someone on the day commemorating some poor sap getting offed (and about religion, not love).

I've decided that I can't play the same passive female role I had in high school and my first year of college. I can't wait for fate to show up with someone.

I give off "bugger off" vibes in that field anyway, I'm told.

And it's just another weekend. I'll go to my club meeting on friday, watch Fox TV, go to a poetry reading. Sleep all day Saturday (maybe buy some chocolate cheep), then go to another club meeting, maybe suffle off to an anti-valentine's day party.

But still...

I can't wait for him. So I sent him the flowers.

Hope, a laugh, a smile, a secret, a prank... At least, this year, there'll be something.

Kristina Buhrman {}

The only time Valentine's Day really meant anything to me was the year I got caught up in the heart-shaped box conundrum. I was 11. I bought John Edwards, the puny little darkhaired boy I was "going with" but hardly ever spoke with, one of these at Moon Drug. It had red cellophane and was about six inches across - about 12 candies inside - not gawdy, not too overwhelming, appropriate, I thought, for my 12-year-old boyfriend. I bought it a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, brought it back home that back way through the back fence and along the row of condos to the path to my house. I hid it under my bed or in a drawer or something like that.

Then I wanted to see what he was going to get when he opened it. So I carefully opened the red cellophane to look at the candies. Then I couldn't get the cellophane back together so I ate the candy and did some chores to earn money for another box.

I hoarded the second box until I ate it. And the third too.

I didn't end up giving him the box of candy because we broke up and by Valentine's Day I was going with Ken Roberts. And it was too soon to give him a heart-shaped box of candy, even if I wanted to.

Valentine's Day has never been that big of a deal since the heart-shaped box I never gave anyway.

Amy Acosta {}

Boy, I wish I was pulled apart for my beliefs, then I could look down from wherever and see people remembering my death with red-foil-covered treats. That would certainly make my day.

Who comes up with these things?


Love sux. Better to get together with a few single friends, play poker, drink tequila and denigrate those poor deluded fools.

Unless, of course, someone leaves a flower on my desk tomorrow.

Christian {}

it's really quite simple, actually:

when you got someone, valentine's day is the greatest day of the year.

when you don't, valentine's day sucks hard.

gerard {}

not sweet but actually bitter :even when there's something it's nothing.dig what i'm saying?

either you have no boyfriend, or he doesn't give a shit of the nice flowers he should offer you. The world is crazy !!!so futile.( look it up in the french dictionary)

sarah & kristel {}

valentine is so futile, as true as witches,fairies and dworfs.

.me {}

I can remember when I was very young, about six, my parents exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day, and I only got a card. I felt so hurt and left out. I didn't understand that there was a kind of love that I could be left out of, even within my family.

Now, I look at my parents and I realize what I'm waiting for. I am single this Valentine's Day, but I'm enjoying the titillation of a few crushes, and the freedom of breathing free after a suffocating relationship.

It's a Hallmark induced holiday, sure, but there are many worse things than trying to force people to spend a little money on love. The heart-on-hearts decor is cloying, but it can also be like a cheesy pop ballad -- goopy, but grand.


i didn't get to kiss her, but after three years of awkward stumbling we finally really talked, for about three hours.

misuba {}

This Valentine's Day, I recognized not only my significant other, but other loved ones as well, such as family members. And I didn't spend my hard earned money on material things, because that's not what love and devotion signifies. I made things, simple paper flowers and such. I admit, I take this opportunity to get mushy, but I also let it remind me that we should recognize positive things in our loved ones each day and not just a designated Christian calander holiday. You don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy the little things - look around and find something worth smiling about. Anything..look around and you'll see..

Angela {}

valentines day was always something i heartily ignored. it came and went with flowers and cards for others. it was not bitter tho, never made me cry, i understood it wasn't for me, and that was that.

and then this year, i am in love. with an incurably, utterly romantic caring man.

and he made me a valentine, and he sent it to me. and as we were'nt able to be together on valentines day, he ismaking our own day when we can be.

sweet as the sweetest day ever.

manda {}

I find it difficult to be bitter about V-day. When I was younger It wasn't very pleasant at all, after all, I was the one who recieved few valentines if any when we had our class parties in elemetary school. It seemed that the day would have passed me by if my mother hadn't made the day special for both myself and my younger brother.

She would make up a little basket of things, chocolates, candies, and I usually got some kind of jewelry, some heart shaped thing like a necklace or earrings.

And so, as I went through High school I bought the flowers for my friends, our class sponsered the sale too, so it was easy to send them. Yeah, so I didn't recieve as many as others did, but I treasured the few I did from the friends who cared.

The thing is none of my experiences made me bitter, just increased my sense of romance... my hopes that perhaps this day would be the day that _my secret admirer_ would finally speak up and ask me out, or send me an anonymous gift. A few of my friends with S.O.'s grumbled as the day wore it's way around again, but I the still single encouraged them with the spirit of the day. It's not the only to show your love, but a day to make you remember the love you have.

I thought I could escape the feelings of the day though, it does seem like everyone gets caught up in this love or be lost mentality. A man found me, and asked me for dinner, he's a great cook... it was a nice valentines day.

SO, I don't know, I can't be bitter, the good times outshine the bad, and always will, and the times that aren't, will, for me be full of longing for romance!

Stacie {}

Together, both Valetine's Day and Christmas mean nothing to me anymore. Those holidays were intended to mean something, and when they stop, you shouldn't celebrate them. I gave up on those holidays for the past two years.

My Little Girl {}

Who asks the web designer his views on the "holiday" before assigning him the task of whacking out a cutsie page glorifying the traditon of forced affection? Well, actually they did... and they said "Go with it..." Truth be told, I guess I'm not entirely the cynic I thought I was...

WebMuffin {}

I, the cynic, also have a soft chocolate inside. I secretly love a lot of the mushy romantic stuff. But since I hate the commercialism of the holiday, I rather just wish that stuff went on every day.

kris {}

If you have to set aside one particular day to show someone that you care.....then you're missing the point. Caring (loving) is an ongoing exercise, practiced every day of the year. Valentine's Day has never meant anything to me. I try and show my family that I love them every day. Valentine's Day is a marketing ploy to sell flowers, cards, candy and the like. It will mean more to your wife if you send flowers on the first Tuesday of every month. What happened to Christmas has happened to Valentine's Day and will happen to every other holiday as soon as someone can figure out how to turn a profit.

Joe Trussell {}

Bitter: A new boyfriend who failed to even call me on Valentine's Day. I ranted and cried while he mumbled he had been "too tired and forgot". Sweet: Weeks before I had cut a photo of a celebrity from a newspaper. She was wearing a gorgeous bead necklace I really admired. I stashed it away with other clippings- thinking I might try and make one like it someday. In secret, my husband took the clipping to a bead store and had the girl make oneand gave it to me as the most thoughtful Valentine's gift I ever received. Valentine's Day is not so much a holiday as it is a test. You pass or you fail.

silver {}

yeah, i've seen those cheery girls burnig all with their floral torches on that day of great disbief. what a good relief it is, to be proven year after year my theory that most are considerably oblivious to the real truth, is absolutly on the money. yeah, i love you, lets go kill some muslims for the holy land, its what HE, chocolates! that proves it. arent we out of the dark ages?

conduit {}

every day is sweet with the one i love.


Well I am not sweet about Valentine's Day. Not at all. The only thing that makes me realize what it means is that my dad died in May of 1997 and my mother and him were so much in love. I see the hurt in her eyes every time someone mentions Valentine's Day. But that is the only reason. I really dislike this day but I am going to handle it better because I understand now what it means to others.

pooh {}

I've often been alone on valentine's day, and I've often been with others. Because so many of my relationships were bad ones, I often found that I was happy, and even relieved to "not have to go through that again", especially the year after a particularly bad stint.

Last year I found myself alone again, quite willingly, and decided to celebrate Valentine's in a whole new way. Instead of concentrating on romantic love (which had never done me much good), I decided to concentrate on celebrating all the love in my life, which was considerable. I had a number of friends who I knew were going to be alone, and unhappy about it, so I sent them all flowers. The act of giving and celebrating that I had not one but six people who would welcome an expression of love from me was one of the best valentine's experiences I've ever had. Far better than any romantic dinner. This year, as an expression of my newfound love for myself, I'm treating myself as my valentine. Sappy romantic gift, candlelight dinner and all (I may even use a mirror to gaze lovingly into my own eyes.)

I'm looking forward to it more than any valentine's in a long, long time.


i was going to post in the bitterness page. almost did.

i recently parted with my lover of three years. we had and incredibly torrid relationship...the kind that tears you up and leaves your shell in a heap at the side of your bed when you finally awake.

it took me a long time to wake up from this one. dreams are such potent distractions!

here's to those who have found love. treasure it! there is no substitute, that much i know.



Betty {}

I don't know anything about love. Never had a long-time relationship. I hate that. I hate the feeling that I am wasting my life away. Love is the only thing that matters, and I don't have it.

Life is a bitch and all I can do is have patience.

I am brave I can tell you - I have to be - no love, no job, living with my parents at 23 isolated out on the countryside in Sweden. Nothing wrong with Sweden though.

:) Still got that smile. Why is it so hard to find someone you want to be with?

Marcus {}

valentines to us

means diving into

a lesbian smut pile.


akire+eugene {}

Oslo, Norway. Feb 14. 98

Valentines day is pretty much a non-event here. The commercial pressures haven't figured it out yet, and I could go shopping today without tripping over chocolate hearts and bouquets. It makes for a very pleasant change. Newspaper articles explained in scholarly detail all about "Saint Valentine" and his love for a young blind girl. Strange to watch cultural expropriation happening before your very eyes.

The pressure to hold a tequila drenched 'love sux' party was not as strong as it was back in California. Instead a quiet evening at home, chasing the cat, letting cat in, letting cat back out, back in, back out.

Back in again.

christian {}

Valentines day tends to make me duck for cover. Mostly because a ex used to use it as a time to reflect on the relationship.

Can you guess whose fault all the shortcomings of the relationship were?

I do celebrate it in a lo-key way now. Just a box of chocolates and I love you. But if you need the excuse of V-day to make you say the L word then you're in trouble.

Geoff {}

Valentine's Day is sweet because it gives me the opportunity/excuse to tell myself to make her something special or buy her a flower and tell her 'I love you'.

This year's V-Day is the first V-Day I gave her something I made and felt proud of, because I gave it out of true love. It didn't matter at that point of making it that this whole affair was one-sided. But as the day got nearer, I just couldn't help feeling sad and cynical.

Whui Mei {}

valentine's day.. never really cared before. this time, I kinda did, cuz the only woman.. the only person I've ever loved and I broke up a couple of months ago. I still love her, with all my heart, and I always will. I sent her a card. I tried to sound sweet with out pouring my heart out, even though it's what I really wanna do.

on the actual day itself, I went to a hockey game. I forgot it was valentine's day until I say this page, the day after.

it still doesn't seem like a big deal to me.


duct tape boy {}

Everything ... and nothing.

In the recent past when I've seen all the red and pink and white it just made me feel swoony. I'd get cards from friends I'd send them some, we'd bake cookies to give to each other and generally acted like little kids..

When I was a kid, we used to go all out to make it a great day for my mom.

That's the sweet part, thinking of someone else. I didn't care so much then if _I_ got something. I just wanted to make my mom happy.

What made me bitter this year is that my sweetie went out with a friend instead of staying home with me. Granted said friend was leaving town for good the next day and he wanted to say good-bye and all that jazz, but I'd gotten used to being wined and dined on V-day by my last SO.

Of course, none of this would have happened if my boss hadn't decided to go to some race down in Daytona on Valentine's weekend, leaving me to work that Saturday in his stead. My sweetie and I had to cancel our very romantic plans of going down to Williamsburg for a weekend getaway.

Needless to say, we just moved the trip to the coming weekend. Love can't be scheduled. It just happens. But having a day to celebrate what many consider to be, the finest human emotion, can't be a bad thing.

beth {}

just knowing that i did something nice

something that nobody else did for a person, even something small...

spy {}

he asked for my snail mail address to send me something from far away.

jenjohnson {}

I send valentines every year. Lots of them. LOTS. Here is the explanation of my "Valentine Project", which has gone on the back of each and every valentine in the ten years I've been doing them:

To those who are newly on my mailing list:

I am in the habit, every year, of blowing off Chanukah and Chirstmas cards, due to the obvious confusions that often result. Instead, I send out valentines, partly because good self-promotion is useful, partly because most people aren’t expecting them and therefore find them a pleasant surprise… and entirely because V-Day is my favourite pagan holiday. This is my own personal annual project, with loose but specific guidelines that I must adhere to every year. I do an edition of identical, inexpensively hand-done valentines, sometimes three-dimensional, sometimes with creative xerography, but always without the help of a professional printer, die-cutter, etc. Any mass duplication is done by xerox, hand-printing techniques or laser copier, but it is always done by myself alone. I began in 1987 with an edition of fifty; it has grown over the years to well beyond two hundred. This project was initially sparked by my belief that everyone really ought to receive a valentine on Valentine’s Day, a day that celebrates the concept of love in its many forms and a general joie de vivre rather than the mere acknowledgement of one’s latest flame. Enjoy the day and welcome to my mailing list.

Send me your snail-mailing address; I'll send you one, too.

Jolie {}

last valentines day I got drunk and ate some pills and passed out on the floor.

The previous valentines day I got drunk and smoked kind and passed out somewhere

I have spent these days with the rest of them during the last two years waiting to be with the only one that I have ever loved

Flowers are nice and I like to receive them as well as give them. We still exchange gifts and my favorite to give and receive is the mixed tape, filled with songs that remind you of the good and the bad, but ultimately try to exibit the severity of lonliness and love that still exist

I don't know but maybe last night was like valentine's day, I got drunk, blew some crank and coke up my nose. Later I went home and passed out.

brian {}

It's true that Love shouldn't be expressed only on one day, but there are people out there that forget how to be sweet, loving, and romantic that they need this particular day to remind them of how they should be, everyday. And to the people for whom this describes their S.O.'s, they deserve all the attention and love that are long due.


Like many of you, my husband spent his Valentine's Day alone. Wishing. His childhood was hard, so the parental love wasn't even there. One year at a time, I hope I can replace every loveless Valentine's Day's. He deserves it more than I. Being able to provide this for him is what makes me feel sweet about Valentine's Day.

Heather {}

My experience is not just Feb. 14 but everyday. Guys any day with michele may is the best day of your life so I suggest you meet her some day and she will change you life forever.

Sean Gaffney {}

Receiving the first letter, along with a beautiful necklace and ring from my love was the sweetest. It's the only Valentine's Day that's ever mattered to me. We're still together. And I love him.

DeeAnna {QuietPlume}

gerard had said it:

if u have someone, valentine's day is glorious...

if u don't, go hide in a corner and cry...

it's weird that i'm writing this now, it's august for christ's sake!!!

karezza {}

the only flower I had ever received on valentines day was a single rose. given to my boyfriend by the girl he was seeing behind my back. he promptly offered it to me when I saw it, but dean, our mutual friend, grabbed mid-way through and ate the rose petals from it. i was a bit shocked, and little angry, but i laughed.

then i found out *why* dean had done that.

other than that, the only other person to give my wanything was my father, which was a box of chocolates.

i personally hate valetines day. it sucks. nothing could be more horrible than forcing people who are lonely and single to go through a holiday made for couples.

nikki {}

to everyone who thought they had the worst v-day experience: my best friend told his fiance on v-day that he was leaving her because he's gay!


My days have been GREAT by comparison!

Nina {}

the pressure is extraordinary on VD when you're dating, steadily, having sex and all that -- but you're not in love. isn't that what the friggin' holiday is about? love? i feel like such a hypocrit buying gifts, sending cards, being carrind around on that hallmark wave. another letter called VD a pass or fail examination. most of the time i fail miserably. and i call myself a "romantic"!

cupid {}

I don't know if I look at Valentine's Day as a positive thing or not. My personal experiences over the years have always been sweet and loving, or at least cute and and sappy. And since I've been permanently attached, I wouldn't say that Valentine's Day is that important. We do things for one another throughout the year (flowers, cards, books, weekend get-aways, whatever).

Barb {}

I don't take Valentine's Day seriously. I never have.

I haven't gotten a single Valentine card in years, except from my mother. I haven't sent any either.

I didn't get very many (if at all) Valentines in high school either.

I believe there are worse things in life.

Rosalind Lord {}

Valentine's Day: a day when society systematically marginalizes those not part of a couple, whilst adding to the first-quarter profit figures for Hallmark and Russell Stover. Not to mention my least favorite day of the year.

A few years ago it was mid-afternoon on Valentine's Day. As with most V-days, I was rather depressed. Then I got in the car and turned on the radio. It just happened to be Wednesday, the day of the week when the radio station at my college used to play 12 straight hours of death metal. I cranked it up until the speakers blew. It made my day.


This V-day, I will be toasting the night with the man I love. I love Tommy like I've never loved anyone (I think) and I can't wait to exchange perverted gag gifts, corny cards, and make love until we're half-crippled. There's someone on my mind, though, that won't get off my damn mind where they belongs. I wrote about Micheal in the "I Left" section of FRAY some months ago (if anyone even cares, you too can check out my desperation for this man!). I happenened to be browsing, and (gasp) there's the selection I had contributed. I had Tommy then as I have Tommy now, yet Micheal haunts my thoughts. What it is about the "what might've been?" that is so damn attractive to me? Who cares about that when I know "what REALLY is." He's off with some random chic (or some permanent chic), and not thinking of me at all. Yet I am here wasting time and energy on his ass. Oh, the great ironies of life. I am a pretty resonable person, and I know what I have far exceeds anything he could've given me. Still, Micheal represents the nostalgic triumphs of youth, and the subsequent pain of failure. Micheal, though he doesn't know it, has engraved his name and face into my memory for good (a feat only a few have accomplished). As for Tommy, my heart is yours, my love. Though you may never read this, you already know this. Thank God for Tommy. Thank God.


The first gift I ever recieved was when I was 18! I had never gotten anything, didnt really want anything... I think I understand what love might be, and I totally agree with others that say that we should love not just on one day, but throughout the year. But it is a day to be truelly decadent, to sing the praises the heart, and to finally say what we feel. I would like to think that there is a shy sweet lady waiting for me... and that hope just keeps the magic of Love alive in me... so knock Valentines, and say that it is unfair, but deep down, we all want to be loved, just for one day... oh and I am single, so, if there is anyone that is interested... tee hee, just kidding. I would like to wish all, that visit this site.. A WONDERFUL VALENTINE, and may someone touch your heart!

Skarfase {}

Sweetest Valentine's day I had was when I was 15. This guy who had a crush on me (he wasn't too goodlooking, but ...) gave me flowers, a soft toy, and a card. Simple as that.

For some reason, all other V-days never really measured up to that day. Probably something about the first Valentine's you received.

- OR - it could be something about not receiving any Valentine's after that year. Yeah. First and last. Go figure.

But even though I don't get anything on V-day, I still feel sweet on that day of the year. Something like what {somebody} said about it being like Christmas. You could be spending it alone and still feel the spirit of it by walking on the streets. Yeah, it might feel a tad bit lonely, and left-out, but there's something good about watching other people and hoping and wishing that someday, you'd have a chance to feel like that too.

So, that might sound kinda pathetic. At least I know I've got something to look forward to, even though it might not come true. I know that for now, I don't have someone to break up with on V-day, or feeling that someone is patronizing me, that "strange bedfellows" phenomenon that some couples go through.

I'll just hang out on the Net for now.

toni toni tone ... {}

Here's what's scary - in spite of all the heated, passionate, incredibly romantic and adventuresome relationships I've had with devoted inamoratos and lovers, I can't remember even one Valentine's Day.

mirmaid {}

One Valentine's a while back my boyfriend and I were ripping stupid stuff off from the local grocery store. The takings were prolific, free chocolate for everyone. The best of it was a pack of the student-oriented valentines, the kind you pass out to your greedy and angsty 5th grade class. These were "Stargate" themed. With silly kurt russell and weird alien/egyptians saying things like "You make me smile, Valentine." They had a beautiful sheen of kitsch meets sci-fi about them. We worshiped them as gods of a holiday we celebrated despite ourselves.

Three years, 2000 miles, many awful and painful circumstances later I recieved a letter from this exboy. In it was the usual whatnot, a letter, a bunch of weird clippings etc. .. and one of these old valentines. It was touching. Strange, nostalgic, and touching.

I guess the "moral" is that true kitsch never dies. And living always within the realm of preservative choked candies, glossie picts of a greasy Kurt Russell, and shoplifting, is love.

sarah {}

I never received any Valentines when I was in high school. I still don't.

It bothered me at first. I have always been a nice person; did and still do lots of nice things for other people. Surely they should appreciate it, and send me a Valentine.

Then one day I learned the real reason I never got a Valentine: it wasn't because I wasn't a nice person, it was because the other kids in my class felt that I was too different.

I lost all respect and sympathy for them. To this day, I feel if people don't like me, it's their problem.

Rosalind Lord {}

it's so not true that having someone to love makes valentine's day wonderful... what if that lover is millions of miles away? where's your hug then?


Imagine a woman, maybe a man. You sit next to them on the couch. You two have been drinking, you two have been smoking, have been talking at a table. But now you are on the couch, and she turns and leans back on the arm, and tosses her legs over yours. Then she looks at your eyes -- "I'm hitting on you, you know."

It isn't valentine's day, but it is special.

gershom {}

Listen, I fell head over heels with a woman who's birthday is V-day, Couldn't decide for a birthday present or v-day gift, She is history now, but always thought that people who are born on that day are cursed by the gods,,,

Wish I could have been there when they were assigning birthdays, lets screw the people who would be romantic unless they are born on that day

frank {}

I feel sweet about Valentine's Day when I have someone in my life who feels sweet about me. But the Day and the Guy don't usually co-exist. Ugh, and I too have those dorky jr.high/high school flower memories. I won't even go there. I can't remember most Valentine's Days, but three in particular I do.

Number 1: That awesome, almost unbeatable V-Day with the love of my life. I was a freshman in college, living in the dorm. My boyfriend was going to come over for the evening. My room, of course was decorated to the max. I had a huge window from floor to ceiling, and I used X-mas lights to make 2 huge throbbing hearts. (this was up weeks in advance, because i was one of those irritating people that decorated their window for every imaginable holiday) I moved two desks together and used a V-Day designed fabric as a table cloth. I had wine goblets, homeade V-Day napkin holders, candles, everything. And with the lights off, and the heart lights blinking into the room, it was so romantic. I somehow managed to cook dinner 5 floors down in the dorm kitchen. I worked so hard, and for once it was worth it, because the memories of looking across the table and into his loving, happy eyes are still going strong.

Number 2 The next year after that, the V-day without Him. It was over and I felt almost dead inside, but the one living part left in me decided not to mourn through the whole day. It was a very cold day, and I remember wearing this bright red coat that i loved, and i had a now-dorky V-day pin on it. In between classes, I saw Him. I tried to smile, keep going, and let him see just how fine I was on this Valentine's Day. My other single friends were very bitter about V-Day, and refused to call it by it's name, and instead called it Jack Benny Day. I think Feb. 14 is also his birthday. We had a little Jack Benny Day party in the dorm that night.

Number 3: I was in a senior in high school in a two-month relationship with a guy I thought was so cool and romantic. I was so happy I was finally with someone on V-Day and I couldn't wait to see what he would do for me. The school day was almost over, and no card, no wishes, nothing. I had almost given up, and he handed me this small metal stealth bomber. He said, "I was just hanging out in Wal-Mart and I saw this little $1.39 airplane. This is my way of saying I hope our relationship soars to new heights!" Sigh. He broke up with me 2 weeks later.

As for this year, I too, am somewhere between bitter and sweet and not giving a damn.

Valerie {}

What makes me feel sweet this year is that I don't have to deal with any sorry ass boyfriends. I have learned from dealing with the WORST that I can be happy single--I feel So Great!! When I see sappy happy girls getting their cards, balloons, candy, etc. I don't get jealous, I just think of my last sorry ex boyfriend. (And when their boyfriend screws up, how they are going to feel really cruddy and how bad its going to be..pretty sadistic, eh?)

I am happy right to have one man's love-my dad. He is the only one that's be really faithful and supported me.

So, you can take your VDay or leave it. I prefer to just acknowledge it as a day to show my friends and family how much I care.

Samantha {}

Okay, so most of you are bitter.

I feel a little sheepish, because I just spent most of the afternoon making Valentines from handmade paper... they're beautiful! I started doing it last year, and sending them to just a handful of special friends. Nothing romantic or gushy, just to let them know they're an important part of my life, and to say "Happy Valentine's Day".

I don't feel manipulated during Valentine's Day...

I guess you could say it is one of my favorite holidays; after giving presents out of obligation to people I don't like during Christmas (yuck), I feel like Valentine's Day is my chance to bless the people that I truly do love and care for. One thing is for sure, I don't send my handmade Valentines to anyone I don't want to! So there!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, fellow fray-mates!

Jennifer {}

I've always been the type to ignore the day made it easier that admitting that I was spending it alone..."What it's Valentines??...again?...I hadn't noticed."

But this year it's painful my lover is 2000 miles away from me..:(.

Dolores {}

For me, Valentine's Day is usually a transitional-type thing. For some reason, at this time of year I'm typically still caught in the writhings of an old relationship that just won't die. By Valentine's Day I have somewhat withdrawn from the whole mess, and end up savoring it like one last sweet kiss. Nothing more is promised.

Somehow, though, my heart returns to my own breast. I become no longer "We", but "I".

Things are changing so fast lately and my once-amour gone so stale that I can only hope this year will bring the renewal of those past...that something marvelous lies ahead.

Really, I haven't a clue, I suppose. 2/20/98 was my first date with a man I supposed to love. 2/20/99 may mark the end of what's become our shared pantomime. What of the day after?

I look to the past, to a gallery of paling memories, shadows of a loves more vivid than what I'm currently capable of.

I consider sequestering myself for the next year blithely in the arms of the lover I've often grown to hate.

And I consider as well seeking out the Better he's taught me I can't have.

Self-esteem, be mein Liebchen...

Robin {}

Quite honestly, I've never been bit by the Valentines bug. It's a non-event in my life. I realise it has always felt like a plastic event, never anything I needed to respond to. And as I watch each year the bustling of many concerning it-- I wonder why so many claim it. As a muchly in love woman, neither I nor my spouse feel the need to respond to it. We adore oneanother and show it as often as the feeling rises.

Sarah {}

Valentines day is not only for lovers. Give to all.

Last year, two good friends of mine had recently broken up. A cheap 'elementary-card' branded with a personal remark made their day brighter than I've *ever* seen them.

Keep that in mind, whether you are with, or without, a significant other, remember, no one should be without love.

Rob {}

it follows so shortly from my birthday and my girlfriend buys me lots of sweet things and we roll around together for hours before getting up and having a luvverly day!

jon broughton

Memories of course.

Especially the memory of a V-Day two years ago...

A flight over the Atlantic..

A nerve-wracking two hour wait on a cold, wet train platform, constantly straining my neck..

Was that him? Is he coming? Am I crazy?

I'd flown three thousand miles across an ocean to England to meet a man I only knew through emails and IRC.

Then....literally head and shoulders above the crowd, there he was. All 6'8" of him.

Just when I'd almost given up hope, had convinced myself he was a mad imagining of mine and I'd made a mistake flying all that way...

there he was.

He saw me, smiled...time stopped.

I ran towards him, his arms went around me and despite the fact that I'm not a light woman, he picked me up in a huge twirling hug.

Around...and around...and...

Wow. I was in love. I was validated. It was true. No dream

We spent that night in a cookie-cutter perfect British country cottage, in front of a fire, talking, shyly holding hands, learning and meeting and waiting....confirming it was true.

True love. Uh huh.

He became, and is, the love of my life.

So it's memories that makes me feel sweet.

Memories and dreams of my tall brit.

Thanks Phil.

Tamara {}

Nothing at all can make me feel sweet about this awful day that I have been dreading since the break up of my boyfriend and I 2 weeks ago, I remember filling out my calendar and putting a big red heart around today, thinking that we would be together. And talking to my friend saying Kristen i wonder what Ed and I will do on Valentines day maybe something with you and Liam, then she slept with ed so now no best friend and no boyfriend. The only thing valentines day does is rub it in my face a little bit more!!!! Just what i wanted.

~* Bitch Girl *~

Can't stop thinking about all those mooks that were shot down ~n years yesterday for St. Valentine's Masacre. Not sure why, but I seem to relate to this some how...

bill {}

i never liked valentines day.

while everyone is rushing around like chickens with their heads lobbed clean off getting those red, candy filled rose petals for the one they love, i'm sitting here shaking my head. not because i think love is bad, or a day dedicated to love is bad, or that simply no one loves me in turn cause that's not the case...i'm loved. like everyone else. it's far more than that.

why take the time to rush around for one day out of the year - one day to show how much you care - when it should be a celebration of life and love everyday? we don't stop loving after Feb. 14. we love everyday of our living lives. so why?

honestly. it's a day for the florest. for the candymakers and every other asshole who can rip of this holliday for all it's worth. but if you really love someone, it shouldn't be with a dozen roses one day a year. it should be spontainious. from the heart. not provoked through mindless marketing.

love and let love.

faerie~ {}

Two years ago, I found love, a beautiful love that I had never felt before. Brought on by forgiveness and a destrustion of emotional walls, I opened up my heart. It is powerful and liberating, and I feel it strongly still. This love let me for the first time SEE the world, the beauty in the world. This love gives me hope and a sunny outlook for the future. It's the kind of love that let's me "dance naked without my mask on." This love let me finally see Valentine's Day as February 14th, 12 days before my birthday, and in general, just another day.

The love is found was one for myself.

jessica {}

I used to be so bitter about V-Day, because so many were spent alone, or with someone but without any special feeling. It may yet be that way again someday, but this year, I was with my children, who don't live with me these days. I gobbled up kisses from my three-year-old's neck while he giggled hysterically, I applauded gleefully when my five-year-old tied his shoes, pride shining all over his face. Oh, this was the best one ever.

Spring {}

i can't help the feeling that any signs of love i recieve that carries the trappings of St. Valentine's Day is fake.

so what makes me feel good on V-Day (rhymes with D-Day incase you didnt notice)? whatever works the rest of the year. Love transcends the names we arbitrarily give to days.

Bastian {}

I usually hate valentine's. I thought this year would be really horrible considering the guy I like has a girlfriend. He's suppose to be breaking up with her, but it hasn't happened yet. Well being in high school I got to watch as everyone walked around with thier flowers and valentine's and I had nothing to show. Then in the final period of the day the most wonderful thing happened (at least in my mind) He gave me a little heart that said "Happy Valentine's Day". And I feel bad for his girlfriend because I know he likes me more, but at that moment it didn't matter. So when Valentine's came I knew he was taking her out, but I knew he was thinking about me.


Valentine's Day is hokey.

I say that and I'm a full-blown hopeless romantic teenager. I know nothing of the world, nothing of 'love', nothing of any guy except for my best-bud, and nothing of all those people who make a point of grossing you out with PDAs, but I still know it.

A thousand curses upon this 'Valentin' guy. And let me clarify something... he is NOT a saint. That's for sure! How could anyone qualify as 'saint' when they cause so much annoyance and suffering, and, yes, bitterness?

Valentine's day is not sweet. It is bitter. Nothing romantic ever happens to any normal person, really, only people in those gut-wrenching Danielle Steel(e) books.

I spent my Valentine's Day this year at a swim meet. Making everyone else eat my wake. How nice and caring and gushy is that? As my coach said that day after he asked me if I had a 'sweetheart' and I had told him no... "Good. Don't waste your time." He was right.

Don't waste your time. That's all Valentine's day comes down to. From the beginning of our school daze we'd been forced to fill out twenty-some valentine cards, even for the classmates who threw bits of paper at us, called us names, made fun of us in every respect. "Be nice" our teachers told us, "make sure you make one for everyone." What does this show us? This only shows that, from an early age, it was branded into our grey cells that 'nice' and 'love' are interchangable. And that would make Valentine's Day "Such a nice holiday".

Yeah, right.

Power to the anti-valentine activists, getting presents for no reason at all is much better then expecting something for Valentine's Day and getting... oh, let's say a card... and not even from Hallmark!

Celeste {}

What's the use of valentines day when you've got no one?

Numbnuts {Nnumb}

What is my 'sweetness' experience with V-day?!

Well, nothing in particular. As far as I see it, is the person you feel sweet about and not 'the day'. V-day is just a BIG money-maker, just like the 'y2k' thing. In my opinion, it is pretty 'bitter' if one is only sweet and romantic on Valentine's day. The flame of love should be kept alive as long as life lasts, ...and V-day should have nothing to do with it.


"No one [human] knows the ingredients of 'Love', ...if he/she was to contemplate upon it throughout the night, and untill monign lingt, still - he would be thinking of love itself."

Francis {}

Valentine's Day is simply an example of how people will compact and truncate love into an event or object for the benefit of soulless corporate demon-beasts.

Dave {}

nothing. nada. zilch. am i bitter? you betcha i'm fucking bitter. i despise "the day." in my short pathetic life i have been on a date a grand total of ONCE and had a significant other for a grand total of ONE FUCKING WEEK. i have never gotten jack except from my parents and don't expect to get jack within my lifetime. fuck love. fuck romance. GOD DAMN VALENTINE'S DAY TO HELL.


I don't like Valentine's day. That's all there is to it. Be sweet to your loved ones all the time instead of saving it up for those wonderful, Hallmark Card holidays where you can tell your loved ones:

I was thinking about you today

Got gas, too

Not sure if the two are related

Alex {}

Well, it's not much. What there IS, is very much a case of unrequited love. After the fact. It still hurts. And for a little while she could say "I love you" without looking around to see who heard her. For a little while she burnt with the flame that I burnt with, and that hurts the most - that she said it, once upon a time, and now says it no longer, that the light of my amorousness only makes her squint. We're doing the friend thing now, and that is its own world of pain - I love my friends, and this one friend, well, I know she loved me once (NOT AS A FRIEND), and the temptation to try and get her back is oh-so-strong around fucking Valentine's Day. She's still so very much under my skin.

Rupert {}

I love chocolate.

Beamer {}

my only boyfriend that lasted beyond two months lasted for almost two and a half years.

one year for valetines day, we were unable to spend it together. so we spent the night before together. we went to denny's and then swung on swings. it was the best Valentines Day there was.

i didn't even get a card, altho i gave him one and a flower someone else had given me at school.

i didn't care about not getting anything. i was just happy to know that we were in love.

mauramae {}

What makes me feel sweet about Valentine's Day? Well, if anything, i suppose it would be the immense amount of affection you feel, and how alone you don't feel. everyone has a compassionate sense of humanity about them. and then there's that perfect, unforgetable kiss you get from your girlfriend(or otherwise) and the touch of their soft, tender lips against yours you get at the end of the day, that haunts you even after you've broken up. what a fuzzy feeling. i wish it only lasted every day of the year. but then, you have the inevitable feeling of hate for V-day. what justice does this awful holiday do you? it merely takes you into a flawless bliss. an unrealistic paradise where you feel no hurt feelings, no remorse or contention. and then the earth rotates one more time, and you're stuck w/ reality. you're stuck w/ the realization that life isn't flawless, and that beautiful red rose whose silky petals spoke such words of love, of passion, would eventually prick you with her sharp thorns. it's funny, how we as humans see past the thorns on stupid holidays such as this. but maybe that's a divine characteristic be intoxicated by the perfume of a rose's pollen and think not of their thorns. what a distraught feeling. i'm going to go lay down. i've just made myself confused...if you can imagine doing that...good God, what have i done? V-day sux! this should've been under bitter, not sweet. bye.

marcus {}

Sweet? If I only knew what is what during the valentines day. I've never had found that one love of my life, I've only had short flings with women. Ironic, considering that I'm a man, and most men would enjoy a bunch of flings rather than just one true love.

But I wait, hoping for someone to walk into my life appreciating me for who I am, and what I do for them.

I am a cynic as well, having a bitter attitude of many aspects of life. Yet I strive to find that one true love which I will do anything to astonish. To finally be that hopeless romantic inside the shell of cynicism.

I can't wait until the bitter, finally turns sweet.

Crimson King

Let's see, to do on VDay:

First, I'm gonna eat some Ramen noodles.

Second, I'm gonna DL some new porn and jerk off.

Third, I'm gonna go to bed and sleep.

blastocyst {ribose@glucose.gel}

I had just ended a relationship the lasted 7 months. I think I was too serious and we were too far away. I'm alone now, she is alrady seeing someone.

We did share love and I want to cherish that..... V-Day kind of gets in the way..

Kevin Costain {}

All the stars began to shine,

When at first she was mine.

I sought her with heart thats true,

My life again, not to be blue.

She touched me deep within my loss,

My sorrows, pain and fear did toss.

This poem is short and sweet but true,

I just wrote it thinking of you.

(valentines marks 18 years of love and our first date at a valentines dance. 5 kids and lots of loving keep us going. its not perfect but a little tolleration goes a long way.) Peewee

peewee {}

Love is what two people share

Sometimes it's said without a care.

Some people find it hard to show

While others tend to let it flow.

Some people do find it hard to express how they feel, don't hold it against them. It doesn't mean that they love you any less.

If you're in love then being together is the most important thing.

Happy Valentine's Day!


VD-day is great, I love it, the whole week is a Lover is getting 18 roses (red/white) on monday to get her primed, we skip wedsday actually, but thursday will be a lite dinner then wine on a soft blanket in front of the fireplace...friday we head off for hot springs mineral water baths, horse racing, fine dining, HOT HOT HOT sex....

by monday I'll be totally drained and not worth a damn at work ;-}


dON'T GIVE ME DEad roses i need a guy. i don't feel great on v-day because i don't have a boyfriend it just don't feel right.

Brittany {brittbrat_2006@gURLMAIL.COM}

Nothing makes me feel sweet about this day. It's a retail holiday--nothing more, nothing less (Can anybody say, "Love for sale"?). When I was younger and I didn't understand what was going on, this day (and all other holidays) caused me great pain. I would skip class or take off from work so I could avoid all the commercialism and fake public displays of affection.

BUT NO LONGER! Even when my coworkers--clothed from head to foot in red--come up to me and shout "Happy Valentine's Day!" I just smile and go on with my day. Why am I smiling? I'm smiling because I love being single. I'm reveling in the fact that I don't have some low-life man in my life fooling me with chocolate and flowers and then cheating on me tomorrow. I'm smiling because I'm secure enough that I don't have to wait on the edge of my chair waiting for the mail room guys to bring me flowers or cards so I can prove I am loved. I don't have to go through the sickeningly sweet games that people play to prove they love each other, but then next week they're fighting over who takes the trash out.

This day doesn't make or break my life. If anything, it only strengthens my desire for loving myself and finding a person with whom I can have a love that transcends and rises above the insignificant lustfest Valentine's Day is.

"There, I said it. Now I feel bettuh. No big whoop!"


Valentine's Day sucks unless you have someone there to share it with you (preferably a loved one). For me, 2001 was my first

Geri {}

I love being with my girl on Valentine's Day but it sux to have her nagging about me not getting her some fly stuff like diamond earrings or a necklace. She needs to chill out cause she knows I don't have a j-o-b. I love her though and I hope we be together (if she doesn't keep running her mouth) forever.

Twan {}

Not a whole lot,I have had some good ones but I have also had a whole lot of bad ones,such as leaving a signed valentine filled with poetry I had written for the girl,she decided it would be funny to read the entire card,including who it was from,to the class.

James {}

Valentine's day was one of those cute holidays... When we were in elementary school. When everyone made paper bags and brought in Valentine's, and everyone got at least one. Then we grew up. Now we're in high school, and Valentine's day is all about who's with who and who got what. Honestly, when does all the craziness stop? I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's day. Then last year I did. I was more bitter last year than I ever was. I got the flowers, I got the teddy bears, I got the chocolates. This year, I don't have a boyfriend. This year all my friends have someone and I don't. And you know what? I'm okay with that. Because on Valentine's day, my best friend *who is a guy* and I will be hanging out watching movies and eating ice cream, because both of us are single. And yes, we've tried 'hooking up.' But sometimes, being friends is better than being in love. Because friends will always be there. Sometimes love can die. I just want to kno when all the hype will die too?

Sarah {}

(Thai version)

ผมได้ให้ต้นไม้ที่มีรูปทรงเหมือนหัวใจกับเธอคนนั้น วันต่อมาก็ตามด้วยช็อกโกแลตหอมหวาน และดอกกุหลาบสีสวย กับคนที่ผมแอบรัก และปลื้มในตัวเธออย่างมิอาจห้ามใจไว้ได้ ถึงแม้จะรู้ว่า เธอมีแฟนอยู่แล้ว แต่ก็มิได้คิดจะแยกเธอจากเขา ขอเป็นเพียงเพื่อนที่รอว่าวันนึงเธอจะหันมามองฉันดั่งคู่รัก ฉันจะเพียรพยายามให้เธอได้รู้ว่า ฉันนั้นรัก รัก และรักเธอมากแค่ไหน ไม่มีสิ่งใดในโลกที่จะแทนเธอได้ แต่วันนี้ฉันก็อยากให้เธอมีความสุข และสมหวังในความรักทุกวัน และทุกคืน มีรอยยิ้มอย่างที่เห็นทุกวัน เพื่อที่ฉันจะได้มีความสุขจากการที่เธอยิ้มให้ฉันทุกวัน รักเธอมาก

bombbeetleboom {}

Love is funny

it fucks u up

and it fucks u up

Some girls i know love me... but i dont love them

This one girl i love... we have been at war with each other for a year now.. and suddenly wen we saw each other... its like two wombats, with those stark shiny big luminous eyes, staring blankley at each other like there was no tommorow... weird..

Simon {}





i dont like V-day. maybe cause i only had bad experience. im trying to be nice to people and gives these V-day gift i made. not buying roses or anything else. but so far the best thing i had was a hug and the worst thing was a dead fish. talk about a gift.

bluezombi {}

Valentine day is the worst day of the year for a single guy, i mean last year it took me almost a month to get rid of the depressed feelings.

for the 2 weeks before it, you keep being harassed by publicity on your e-mail.

"show her you really love her"

"please your loved one"

but the worst one, "dont be a loser on valentine day, date someone on blablabladatesome"

make me want to kill.

then come the worst, valentine day itself, you turn the radio, its all wannabe cute love songs, the tv? special shows, love love love ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHH

you wanna go out? but everywhere you go its full of cute couple you want to kill.

specials for couples at this couples, couples night there, hell some club even refuse single person on valentine day.

everything to want to kill yourself...


Thank you for listening, and fuck everyone who love valentine's day.

Christmas Killer 2099 {}

i'll try to make this short...

I hate valentines day...

I just moved to fl. and my ex and i became friends...he would always tell me he loved me and this time apart will be good for us, because i couldn't stay in jersey. i found out later hes been lying to me...and he was talking to a 18 year old while he was with me...hes 22 years old.


7 years :(

i wasted seven years lovin a lying scumbag!

thanks a lot alex

you may be happy now, cause your busy with your new young lil girlfriend...but what goes around comes day you will pay!


nothing much special

everyday is when u share it with your loved ones.



i hate v-day its a sucky holiday just like sweetys day well i dont have any memories because i really dont like that holiday i guess its because am not that type of chick

dark angel baby {}

Sometimes iดm glad to be living in germany. "V-day" is not a german tradition. gift shops, candy stores and florist have tried for a while to persuade us that we celebrate it, but i honestly donดt know anyone who does.

something similarly pressuring in this country is mothers-day, though. same weird mixture of hidden expectations and displayed nonchalance. so i get a taste of it.

happy valentines day in the us, everybody, iดll think of your agony and send some cards to my american friends. because that makes me sweet: ํtดs not expected of me (as a german)so they will be happy!

silke {}

{ add your experience }