He looks astonished.

He says, "Why don't you turn left?"

"Because I don't want to get myself killed turning into oncoming traffic."

By this time, the light has changed. Our cars now are blocking the entire intersection. Other drivers are attempting to go around us.

He sneers at me.

"Get back in your car."

I smile at him. Then I lean into his car window. He looks down the front of my dress. I whisper in his ear:

"Fuck you. You should learn some patience and some driving etiquette. You are endangering lives. Now, are you going to behave like a rational human being or do we need to sit here for a while longer?"

He looks at the traffic building up around us. I also look around. Some people are bemused. Most are confused. Several are annoyed.

He hesitates.

Somebody honks a horn.

I ask, "What's it gonna be?"

Finally he says, "I'm sorry."

Once again I lean in closely, whispering softly, "That's a good boy."

I swiftly get back into my Accord. Traffic is at a standstill, so with the intersection all to myself, I toss the engine into drive and make my left turn, leaving him behind.

I pull the flower out from behind my ear and chuck it out the sunroof as I drive away.

Have you ever held up traffic
until you got what you wanted?